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New Lost Ark Single by I-stan Black aka Hugo Blackwood

I-stan Black & The Sweets | Kettle A Kuss Pot + Dubversion


Hugo Blackwood aka I-Stan Black: Lead Vocals | Bregt De Boever: Backing Vocals

Drums: Xan Albrecht | Bass, Guitars, Organ & Piano: Bregt De Boever | Trumpet & Mouthharp: Mathieu Vilain | Trombone: Pieter De Naegel

Produced by Poddington Krank 2013

Recorded at the Lost Ark Studio(BE) & The Lionsden studio(JAM)

One Love


Dank voor jullie komst!

Aan iedereen die aanwezig was op onze ‘ Hard Road Tour 2013’ van Congo Ashanti Roy & Pura Vida. Give Thanks. When I say Pura when You say Vida….Pura…Vida… Pura..Vida…when I say Pura when You say Vida. Pura Vida. 

We hopen jullie snel terug te zien ! Hou onze site in de gaten ! Sooncome.

One Love

Pura VidaAfbeelding

Congo Ashanti Roy & Pura Vida vrijkaarten te winnen op Radio 1!

Congo Ashanti Roy & Pura Vida on the national Radio number 1…Energy them want…
Closing Time World, Vrijdag 15 maart vanaf 23u!
Wereldmuziek met Zjakki Willems en Barbara Rottiers

En ook: Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience, Kokolo, Horace Andy, Família Gangsters, The Rough Guide to Samba, Congolese rumba uit 1954 en Legendary Bands Of Mali. En er zijn vrijkaarten voor Congo Ashanti Roy & Pura Vida!

Another 5 x 5 Star Review for Congo Ashanti Roy & Pura Vida | Hard Road | LAM002

According to Reggae-Vibes Productions(NL) : “Congo Ashanti Roy & Pura Vida’s “Hard Road” is a contender for album of 2012! The ability of Pura Vida keeping up with one of Jamaica’s most talented singers and recreating a brilliant sound with originality is remarkable. Every single song demands instant replay. There isn’t a mediocre track on here. Everything fits like a three piece suit! High, high raspect to everyone who helped to create this incredible work.” Read more @


Pura Vida live this Saturday!

Pura Vida goes live this Saturday with a show on Once Upon a Festival in Laarne. If you don’t know how to wrap your Easter Holiday up, this is it!

Hope to see you there! Bring your friends! Tickets & info click here.

One love!



PURA VIDA in concert 2012